Changes in the Building law announced

Changes in the Building law announced

Based on the proposal of the Ministry of construction and spatial planning, the Government is preparing to adopt the changes in the Building law, based on which the overall process of obtaining the building permit should become more efficient and cheaper.

The process of obtaining the building permit will have less steps than now and will be fully digitalized. The entire communication between the planning officers and government institutions will be held electronically.

Property investors will not need to collect and submit the documentation physically. Once the planning officer receives a project from the architect that fully complies with building regulations, he will initiate the process between the other institutions that will last no more than 15 days. It those institutions (i.e. electricity and water company) do not respond in the given period, it will be considered as if they gave the consent.

Investors will have an insight into the whole process, making it very transparent. Instead of current 22 steps to be taken in the process, the new procedure will have 10-14 steps, which will be within the EU average.



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