Consider this before buying building land in Croatia

Consider this before buying building land in Croatia

Spatial planning system in Croatia is rather complex matter. Apart from the Law on spatial planning based on national planning strategy, every County has its own master plan which serves as a general guide to local government when bringing the plan relevant for their area.

These local plans brought by either towns or municipalities are crucial planning acts that must be checked to ensure that the plot complies with all the regulations and that the building permit will be issued.

In some cases, town and municipalities may stipulate adoption of the detailed urban plan. Those plans represent the final planning stage and are usually needed for undeveloped parts of the building zones.

Luckily, local government is now able to issue a document named Location information. It is a paid service that will provide you with the the official proof of currently valid planning regulations. One may easily see the zone relevant for the subject property, basic building regulations and requirements to comply with.

This article does not question the legal status of the plot (ownership and possession), assuming it had been previously checked by your lawyer and agent.

Generally speaking, in order to understand planning regulations when buying the building plot, one would need to check the following information : minimum size of the plot required, minimum access road with (as well as to investigate the deed of the road as it should be publicly owned) and minimum width of the street front (if applicable). If the plot does not meet these requirements, building permit will not be issued.

In addition, to get the basic understanding of what could be built, the following parameters from the spatial plan would need to be taken into account depending on the type of the development desired: footprint and utilization ratio, maximum height and number of floors allowed, number of parking places needed as well as minimum distance from the road and boundary of the plot required.

Seemingly complicated, building regulations are not so difficult for an experienced agent. At Right Property Croatia we will gladly assist our clients looking to buy building plot and you should not be frightened to start your own building project in Croatia.