Croatia tourist arrivals Winter 2018

Croatia tourist arrivals Winter 2018

Another success of Croatian tourism – the country has had 443 thousand of arrivals in January and February of 2018, which represents an increase of 12% compared to the same period of 2017. Tourists have made 1,2 million of overnight stays in the country so far.

Statistics came from eVisitor, an online system of guest registration. Out of all the visitors recorded, 267 thousand came from abroad (a 15% increase), while the rest of them were domestic.

These statistics are very positive having in mind that ITB Berlin fair has recently ended. Being the largest of its kind in Europe, it certainly sets trends in European tourism and for what is known, Croatia has gained plenty of interest. Croatian Tourst Board will also perfom at MITT Moscow in March, followed by MAP Paris, in order to present the country's tourist potention worldwide.

Expectingly, with 345 thousand tourists, Zagreb was the most visited destination in January and February of 2018, mostly due to its famous Advent that ended on January 8. Second most visited region was Istria, with 233 thousand visitors recorded. Tradiotionally, coastal regions gain higher populariy in the summer season.

The greatest number of tourists in the winter of 2018 came from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Austria, Italy and Germany.