Croatian property market overview

Croatian property market overview

At the end of 2018, Economic institute Zagreb and the Ministry of construction and spatial planning have had a conference about Croatian property market where they presented the first comprehensive market analysis for the period of 2012 – 2017. Most important market trends related to apartments, houses, commercial premises, building and agriculture land were exposed.

Even though the data presented in this publication is not up-to-date with current market trends, it is certainly interesting and valuable as it provides a detailed insight into the market for the first time.

During those 5 years, there were 536.811 property transactions in Croatia, out of which 220.459 referred to agriculture land. The total value of the transactions in 2017 equaled to 27,8 billion kuna, which was 7,7 percent of Croatian GDP. Out of this value, 35,4 percent was related to apartments.

For the first time, this report gives a median prices per property type per region as well as affordability index in relation to the purchasing power expressed as a percentage of the annual net income needed to buy a single square meter in certain area.

The report is available in Croatian language only. You may download it using this link.