Dalmatia among World's best coastlines

Dalmatia among World's best coastlines

Drop dead gorgeous was the phrase used to describe Croatian littoral in CNN's recent article devoted to the Wold's 16 most stunning coastlines.

The article featured various destinations, from Australia to Namibia, Italy, Turkey, Hawai and Alaska. Coastlines from 6 continents and 3 oceans were rated as most stunning worldwide.

CNN described Croatian coast as dreamy and magical, with Medieval towns and Roman ruins scattered near the crystal clear sea.

As Croatia has recently become "the place to be" among many holidaymakers, it had already been recommended by many travel magazines. However, being featured by a worldwide respected media such as CNN always comes as a compliment.

Country's recent popularity is so enormous that even inland towns away from the sea are gaining tourist attention. Expectantly, Dubrovnik made the most overnight stays in 2017 (4,2 million), followed by Rovinj, Porec, Umag and Split (2,6 million), the latter having the biggest growth. Croatia's capitol Zagreb ranked 6th with 2,2 million overnight stays.