Will EU lift another ban on cash payments?

Will EU lift another ban on cash payments?

Banks in Croatia have already had legal duty to examine all cash transactions in excess of 105.000 HRK (approx. 14.000 EUR). Cash transactions over this amount were not banned, but an origin of the money had to be prooved. However, this may soon be reduced to 10.000 EUR or less along with ban on cash payments of over 10.000 EUR.

If this law passes in the EU parliament, you will no longer be able to buy real estate in Croatia with cash. For a long time, nearly of our EU buyers were paying electronically anyway, especially now that Croatia is within the SEPA payment system. Moreover, since 2018, Croatia has had a ban on cash transactions in excess of 10.000 EUR, but only for legal and private entities who are doing business.

However, this ban would mean that you would not longer be able to, in example, leave even the 10% deposit in cash.

European Commission will propose the draft of the new Money laundry act in July 2021. New law would apply not only to companies and legal entities (as it is the case now), but to private persons too. Germany and Austria are strongly against this law. In example, Austria even proposed that the right on cash payment gets implemented in its constitution. It yet remains to see how  and when this law will be treated in the EU parliament.