Split city to get new recreational area by 2020

Split city to get new recreational area by 2020

Znjan, city's eastern seaside district, has always been a „splinter in the eye“ for both its citizens and local government. Rather undeveloped in the early 90s, the area suffered a negative urban transformation due to inconsistency of urban planning. Over the time, illegal beach bars took advantage over the disinterested government and spread all over the bays to an extreme.

Split's current major has (finally) took control and arranged with the Ministry for the illegal construction to be torn apart and taken away from the site. In the meantime, a public tender for the new architectural design had been conducted. We were quite impressed with the conceptual design rewarded, as it implemented all the crucial factors in the definition of the future appearance: green areas (as the city is missing public parks), beaches (as the district is located by the sea and hosts substantial coastal length), sports and recreational zones (near Duilovo district due to existing infrastructure) and traffic connection (to include new access roads, pedestrian and biking paths).

Winning design comes from the architectural office of Ante Kuzmanic, Split's well-known architect. Even though the city had planned to complete the project by the summer of 2019, it looked like they underestimated the time needed for the detail urban plan and various permits (as the works will be performed on maritime good too). Therefore, Znjan should be finished by the season of 2020, while in the meantime there will be a temporarily hybrid solution built, sufficient to keep up with the minimum requirements needed for the season, until the project is fully executed. The City of Split has already put 15 million Croatian kuna aside to finance the project.

With no doubt, once completed, the project will raise the property prices in the area.