Renovation and construction works in Split County

Renovation and construction works in Split County

Have you ever decided not to buy the property just because it needed renovation? Or mayble you are already a home owner in Split region and do not know how to deal with various construction works related to property refurbishment? We have a solution for you. Independently from our service, we are now able to recommend an experienced local builder and his project manager.


Mrs. Janet Lukas (German, English, Czech, Polish, Croatian)

Phone: +49 172 5655221, E-mail:

Area of work: Split-Dalmatia County


Building services

  1. Complete renovation and construction works
  2. Aluminum and PVC doors and windows with made to measure shutters
  3. Swimming pool construction, technology and service

Other services

  1. Satellite TV technology, installation and service
  2. Boat electrics
  3. Achitect and engineer


  1. Booking business (apartments, villas and boats)
  2. Reception of guests and the airport
  3. Guest transfer to/from the property or boat

Property management

  1. Check in/out services
  2. Cleaning services
  3. Repairs and maintenance

Boat rental

  1. Boat rental / taxi boat
  2. Sightseeing tours
  3. Daily trips with or without skipper